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IKB Leasing (AO)

Machinery and equipment leasing

Use an asset instead of purchasing it outright - give your company more flexibility with leasing

Short-term investments require long-term concepts - from the correct leasing partner.

Everywhere, where investment cycles shorten, entrepreneurs must react quickly - for example with a near-term modernization of the machinery. A decision for IKB Leasing expands your leeway for entrepreneurial investments.

We specialise on industrial machinery and equipment leasing, giving in financial rent a full spectrum of the printing machinery, the equipment for packing, the equipment for the food-processing industry, and also woodworking machinery and the metal-working equipment (including rolling-and-bending machines), the equipment for manufacture of products from artificial materials (including injection-molding machine, pressure cooking extruder), the machine-building equipment and another.

We also feature perfected leasing concepts, when the need arises to fit your products with appealing finance offers. We would be happy to inform you about what we can do - inland or abroad. Fell a well-advised entrepreneurial decision and contact us.

The IKB Leasing. The corporate decision.

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