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Medical equipment leasing

Health care with PEAC

Develop your clinic or medical center together with PEAC. With our financial solutions, the medicine will become more accessible, and our competitive advantages more undeniable.

Leasing of medical equipment under PEAC flexible program is easy and convenient.

Favorable terms of medical equipment leasing giving opportunity to divert the funds one-timely in a lower amount than direct purchase, as well as fast approval of transaction, these are key advantages of financing with PEAC.

PEAC offers specialized solutions, professional consultations and transparent implementation of medical projects.

Our mission is: “Being partners of our customers, assisting them in achievement of their goals for successful business development”.

Get more detailed information on the program and the indication of leasing payments calculation for medical equipment from our specialists.

Leasing instead of credit …

...benefits are obvious

Leasing of medical equipment under PEAC financing program has several advantages comparing with other forms of equipment acquisition (rent, credit, purchase):

  • No need for large one-time financial investments;
  • No need for extra security as the leased medical equipment itself is considered a pledge;
  • Fixed monthly payments allowing to create a long-term budget;
  • The medical equipment is insured from the main risks within all leasing period;
  • Opportunity to legally optimize the tax base: all leasing payments are accounted as cost of production; the income tax is thus reduced;
  • Transfer of equipment ownership at the end of agreement period (unlike the rent);
  • Leasing allows to use the accelerated depreciation with index up to three, due to which the book value of equipment decreases in relation to the market value, property tax is optimized;*
  • Opportunity to attract an additional financing, for example, a credit or loan, because the leasing payments do not increase the debt on the balance sheet, and do not affect the equity/loan ratio.*
    * In case the Lessee applies the usual taxation system

Significant benefits? Absolutely. Do not delay the investment solutions and contact us.