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Machinery and equipment leasing

You can’t buy success, but you can lease it

Stay one step ahead of the competition and leverage the latest technology for your products and ideas.

Our leasing solutions make it easy: you have access to state-of-the-art equipment, without having to purchase it. Even better, the equipment actually pays for itself through the income it generates.

Our contracts are drafted to meet your specific requirements. Are you looking for flexibility during the contract period? Or would you prefer the security of predictable costs from the planning phase right through to the end of the contract?

We are always on hand to provide professional support for your projects in Russia and abroad, thereby helping to ensure that your investment is a success!

Get in touch with us now – for personalized advice and support.

Seize opportunities: leasing with PEAC Finance

We provide financing solutions and international experience.

Personalised advice

PEAC has a reputation for treating customers fairly from the very first meeting.

With over 10 years of experience as a machinery and equipment leasing expert, we understand the associated assets, your industry and its cycles, and we know exactly what you need from a financing arrangement. We will be happy to advise you, both in Russia and beyond.

Modular contract options

We keep a clear focus on your specific needs and financial situation when drawing up the contract.

Whether you are looking for a short or long lease, linear or decreasing rental payments or a calculated residual value at the end of the contract – by choosing the option that matches your precise requirements, you define the financing structure yourself.

Fast decisions

You have an attractive quote and need a quick financing decision. Thanks to our extensive asset expertise and transparent processes, you can rely on fast decisions corresponding to your requirements.

Adapted to your needs: your lease contract

Every company, every industry and every leased item has its own unique requirements. Accordingly, we work with you to develop a lease contract that meets your exact needs.

Our standard contract types

Your rental payments

1 Linear payments , for planning security.
2 Decreasing payments , if the leased asset pays off in the beginning of the contract
3 seasonal payments , if the leased asset pays off in the beginning of the contract

Rental payment options
Planning securityWear and tear of asset
taken into account
Alignment with
production cycle

More good reasons to lease instead of buying

Preserve your credit lines

Stay flexible with customizable leasing options on known terms. In this way you can use your available credit lines.

Gain a competitive edge with the latest technology

Benefit from efficient processes, improved output and increased income thanks to utilizing the latest technology.

Improve and protect your liquidity and profitability

Create for yourself more space for the necessary investments. Increase your capital funds without distracting your liquidity.

Benefit from flexible contracts

Whether you need a short lease or long lease, linear, decreasing or seasonal rental payments, an early termination option – we structure our financing solution to meet your specific requirements.

Sale and leaseback – release capital for new investments

Sell assets purchased during the year and lease them back. This allows you to benefit from retroactive financing of your capital goods.

Save time by financing used equipment

When orders need to be completed fast, we offer the option of financing used equipment that is nonetheless fully up-to-date. This equipment is typically available and ready for use sooner than new equipment.

Does that sound worth considering? It definitely is. Don’t put off making those important investment decisions any longer – get in touch with us now.