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New details of PEAC Leasing JSC


Dear Partners,

PEAC Leasing JSC (OGRN 5077746818364) hereby informs, that on 05.11.2019, the details of PEAC Leasing JSC were changed, namely, the address of the office and telephone number were changed.

New details of our Company:

Office address: 10 Palikha Street, Moscow, Russia, 1270555, building 3, office B3 (office center Atmosphere).

Phone number: +7 (495) 123 37 66

We kindly ask you to take these changes into account and from now on to apply them when making postal and telephone communication with our Company.

PEAC Leasing enters the market of telecommunication equipment


The Russian telecommunications market in 2018 showed record growth over the past 5 years. High competition in the market and rapidly developing technologies dictate the need for frequent technical re-equipment.

PEAC Leasing starts financing for Individual Enterprisers


PEAC Leasing actively continues developing the new business areas, one of which is the possibility of financing for Individual Enterprisers (IEs) engaged in production activities. This program started since October 01, 2019.

PEAC Leasing launched the first project of financing the professional equipment for fitness


The fitness industry is a young branch of the Russian economy, but despite this, it shows solid indicators of cash turnover and client base. Even under economic crisis, the Russian market of sports services is developing steadily, showing growth of at least 8% per year. Taking into account the global trend towards health, healthy lifestyle and active promotion of a healthy lifestyle by government, media and market participants themselves, we can expect that the number of sporting people in Russia will grow every year, which will lead to increasing demand for sports equipment.

Heidelberg equipment financing program in Russia


In modern economic conditions, the availability of production facilities financing is one of the most important conditions providing such competitive advantages as the use of modern technologies of printing and processing of materials, as well as increasing the satisfaction of customers receiving a quality product and service. Especially in such a high-tech market as printing production.

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